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 3 Days and 3 Nights

• Myself and a close friend •
( 7-22-2012 )

So I thought I would give my 100% on the 3 days, 3 nights Jesus/Jonah topic. Wow, after doing some study I see what all the fuss :-) is all about. I’m going to skip all the fuss and get to the point with my own personal drawn conclusions, (if you will.) Preparation day (when He was buried) was on a Friday before the Sabbath; 1 day.
Then there’s Saturday evening; 1 night. So far we have 1 day/night. Then there’s Saturday morning 2 days; followed by Sunday night, 2 nights. Now Mary arrives during dawn, so I’ll give that one more day. That would conclude 3 days and 2 nights. And that my is my 100% / final answer. 3 days and 2 nights. Why is everyone trying to put Jesus in some sort of box just because He said “Like Jonah....” Why does He has to stick to the script if you already got the picture. Didn’t Jesus say it was *expedient that He go away so that He could send us the Comforter. Was not what He was doing Important enough to cut corners? Did He really have to wait until night fall? Remember the lesson of the Sabbath? Is He not Lord Over everything He says? Did He not break the Sabbath and give us examples when we could and also to expedite His own work? The sooner He had completed His work the sooner we could truly start living and get on with ours; and honor the Father!

I’m glad you said personal conclusions!

Point taken.

After doing a little extra study on it. I was dead wrong and you are a 100% right! Died on Wednesday, rose on Saturday and was not in the tomb when Mary got there early Sunday. Thanks for patience and persistence while trying to explain it to me. That Sabbath was not the “Saturday” I mentioned, neither was it on a Saturday, but rather the “Holy Convocation” (High Sabbath) as you had mentioned within the Passover. That Sabbath called the “High Day.” I get it! THANKS!

At least you went back and researched it. Others would stay blocked on what they think they know!

The “High Day” is what made all the difference . It’s amazing how God works to perfection!

Golden my Friend!

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