(Report. (c) 1997)
Most of us have had our share of the stories about U.F.Os. The media, mostly television has teased us the most with stories of sightings, abductions, crashes and autopsies. I even heard of under the ocean headquarters and while trying not to sound too spaced out. Would you believe "government officials from other worlds", although that one sometimes seem true, and the others, well! You've heard the stories. I can only give the facts pertaining to my own experience with I.F.O.s. No this is not a typographical error. I do mean I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) simply because I did identify this spaceship as not from earth. I guess now is the best time to tell you my whole story. First I want you to remember that my word is bond simply because I fear God and I know He has judged every idle word that comes from me. So with that here's my story. "Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid any more, but sometimes I still wish I was a kid again...." No I don't, I just couldn't help thinking and sharing that song with you that starts off with those lyrics, I think the year was 1993. Now on a more serious note and for my own personal record this is the year 1997 and the story I'm about to tell you happened in the year 1975. Here it is: I once had this apartment that had two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. One of the bedrooms I converted into an office where I ran my business (Ad Agency) at that time. I went into that room to check my answering machine. My girlfriend went into our bedroom to rest. We had just returned from seeing the movie "Earthquake". I guess you can say my mind was already on the "What If". Like when one time I had to drive alone on the freeway at night after seeing the movie "The Exorcist". I'm thinking "what if" when I looked in my rear view mirror, she (the star actress) would be sitting on the back seat the long way with only her head turned toward me, scary, huh? Well anyway, while my girlfriend was chilling, I was just finishing listening to my messages. I then walked over to the window, which was facing the east. It was a clear warm night and the curtain on the window was open displaying a full moon. As I looked up and passed the direction of the moon I started to think about intelligent life forms other than our own. Suddenly I made a request, based on the theory that all things are possible, I mentally directed this request toward, well this is what I thought: "I know it's possible that life can live out there and that telepathy is also possible, so then, that I don't miss any one entity or life form I'm sending this mental message in all directions, space and time which includes the present, past and future, the east, west, north and south with no limitation in distance of time or space. I'm sending this message to the one who can   respond right now physically in my time and area. I know what is possible and if nothing exist presently or in the past that can do this, I know that God can create a future entity with the capabilities to travel back in time to answer my request. Even if you do not respond I know all things are possible with God, so it really doesn't matter if you respond or not". With that I was just about to walk away, but before I could turn my head there it was. A spaceship that appeared from "God knows where". I can't really say from which direction it came from, but even that night and now I always felt like it came from the eastward sky. It seem to appear after removing my sight from the sky for about a second. I was amazingly excited and my only thought was to call my girlfriend. I hollered out her name to come here quick. At the sound of my voice she was there in less than a few seconds.  Not taking my eyes off the spacecraft I noticed it was three different lighted colors and oval shaped, 50 feet in length and 12 feet in height at the middle section and tapered down to about 4 feet around the edges. It seems to be a little higher than what helicopters would fly but not as high as planes fly. As soon as my girlfriend got there I pointed as the spacecraft quickly moved toward the point over the edge of the apartment at the same distance in the sky. I moved out of the way so that she could get a better position to see, and right down the stairs and out the front door to the driveway I speedily went to get a better view myself. There it was even more glorious than before because at the window it had part of a tall tree and a full moon to compete with. I was now looking toward the north in more of an upward position with only far away stars in the background. My only thought then was WOW! And my girlfriend again, and there she was, a few seconds behind me rushing out the door to see what I was so excited about. I pointed without taking my eyes off the spacecraft and as fast as light it took off leaving only a half-second short streak of light behind of which my girlfriend saw nothing of the sort after focusing on the direction I was pointing. My reaction was "What!, well did you see it upstairs?' She said no   and that she did not believe that there was anything there anyway. I don't blame her for thinking that way; I was kind of upset myself. Why would the spacecraft move out of her sight each time she tried to see it. I once thought it would have been better if I had never called her. Then again if I hadn't called her I would have been there alone and to this day I do not have no ideal what my next request or question would have been or what about theirs. It's kind of scary when I let my imagination go. Actually I'm not a scary person, but when I think back on it all, my thoughts are "All's well, ended well". So as far as the different sightings go, I know they're real, but my story adds a different twist to it all. I guess it's fair to say that these different sightings may come from other worlds, but it's a fact that the one I saw was from a place where they are capable of receiving our thoughts telepathically. Well, that's my story, I hope you enjoyed it.










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by Glenn Ford
(Ministry of Jesus Christ)