*The job, goal, work, career, objective, trade, gig, slave, motive, ambition, pass-time or whatever you choose to call it, that GOD wants you to do is to just believe in him who he has sent and that is Jesus Christ. Sure you can have talents & hobbies, but if you desire to do right and work for a living, God requires you to do the work of God and again that is simply to believe in Jesus Christ. Remember, if you do not do this work, you will Die and go to Hell. Again that work is simply to believe in Jesus Christ.

**This does not imply to quit your regular job, or volunteer work, or your search for employment.  It does imply to do all things with Christ in mind.

JOHN 6:27-29



JOHN 9:4



MARK 10:17-31





*P.S. And in a nutshell, it’s tithing, etc. and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


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JOHN 8:42-47