Traditions, customs, unawareness, unbelief and lies will make things in this book hard to bear or follow, but I included them anyway, for it is by Truth that we please God, so then:

This book was put together to be that light at the end of the tunnel, to give life, the rope that pulls one from the quick-sand in life, the answer to all those confusing thoughts, to give understanding, to give character and self-worth, to open up the eyes of those tired of seeing deception, to make simple what Satan has complicated, to uncover what greed has covered, to give to all what God has freely given to me, and that's the character and faith to love and live forever.


                 We only suggest what God

           commands, and regardless of your

                    choice we still love you.


                               The author

                           St. John 6:27-29

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