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FIRST MAN > Adam, lived to be 930 years old. He was 130 years old when his son Seth was born. Seth was his third son after his sons Cain and Abel were conceived by his wife and mother of all three. She was the "first women" Eve.
Seth lived 912 years and was 105 when his son Enos was born. The earth was 1,042 years old when Seth died. 130 + 105 = 235 years.
Enos lived 905 years and was 90 when his son Cainan was born. The earth was 1,140 years old when Enos died. 90 + 235 = 325.
Cainan lived 910 years and was 70 when his son Mahalaleel was born. 70 + 325 = 395.
Mahalaleel lived 895 years and was 65 when his son Jared was born. 65 + 395 = 460.
Jared lived 962 years and was 162 when his son Enoch was born. 162 + 460 = 622.
Enoch ( walked with God and later was no more because God took him) lived 365 years and was 65 when his son Methuselah was born. 65 + 622 = 687 years.
Methuselah lived 969 years and was 187 when his son Lamech was born. 187 + 687 = 874 years.
Lamech lived 777 years and was 182 when his son Noah was born. 182 + 874 = 1,056 years.
Noah (walked with God also) lived 950 years and was around 500 when his sons Shem, Ham and Japheth was born. 950 + 1,056 = 2,006 years.
Noah died 350 years after the flood. 2,006 -350 = 1,656 the year the flood ended.
Noah was 600 years old and the world was corrupt. God prepared Noah and his family and then flooded the world with rain for forty days in the second month on the 17th day. The waters stayed for 150 days. In the seventh month on the 17th day the Ark which Noah and his family stayed in that Noah built according to God's instructions rested on Mount Ararat. In the 601 st year, 1st month, 1st day of Noah's life the waters were dried up. The earth was 1,656 years old when the flood ended. {The rainbow is God's sign and promise that He will never destroy the whole world again with a flood.}
Then the people started to multiply and the whole earth was of one language. Then they started to build a tower and a name for themselves, but because of their wickedness God confounded their language and scattered them over the whole earth creating nations of different languages. Babel the first city for there in that place God confounded their speech and sent them forth over the whole earth. Now regarding our differences in appearances. It's just God's will. We do know that sometime after the flood God told one women name Re-bek´ah, "Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels."
We find ancient writings in the ruined remains and in strange languages of those lands from whence the Bible came and beyond, dating back around 2,344 B.C. 2,344 + 1,656 ( the year the flood ended) = 4,000 years. Jesus Christ lived in this era.
2,000 A.D. The Christian era, our era, after the sacrificial death of Christ and the resurrection + 4,000 = "6,000 YEARS"; Earth's approximate age at this time:(07-04-05.)

P.S. For whatever reason, certain small and behemoth creatures / dinosaurs ( most likely not fully grown ) that entered the Ark, God did not allow to propagate some time after the flood. Evidence we have, but the time frame has been misconstrued.

When Adam was "one day old" / young, some of today's scientist and the like would attest that he had years of history behind him and the same of Eve. The truth holds that Adam was created a "man" and Eve a "women". Both were adults, mature people and fully developed: With the capabilities of carrying on human task. Note: The same with the earth, heaven and the galaxies, etc.. The earth was created for man and contained all the minerals in earth and organic properties on earth the 6 days it was created.

Of course the earth looks millions or billions of years old because to come up with some of its properties takes a process of time; Well, Adam and Eve didn't look like infants either. All was fully maturely created / completed. 

The earth / planet like the animals and plants was created after its own kind with everything needed to carry out its unique functions, and that is to provide for man all his needs through out time. Adam and Eve were created after the image and likeness of God / Jesus Christ = The Word / God was made flesh. - "Ye are Gods." "Live like Gods or die like mere men." ( mere men = disobedient ).

The Ice Age ( 1.6 million years old - Pleistocene Epoch ), or even further back, The Archean Eon ( 4.55 billion years old ) or even as much as "The Big Bang Theory", the so called beginning of it all, and Evolution, are just possibilities of things that can happen, ( "All things are possible with God" ) not of things that did happen. I say, and I quote; "Let God be true and every man be a lie." Lets pick up where Jesus Christ left off at and overthrow a few more tables and seats; Without letting the sun go down on our anger. ☺
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