Page 12    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford



Call no man or be called of men "Father, Rabbi or Master"; For one is your Father (God), which is in Heaven and one is your Rabbi or Master, which is Jesus Christ; (Matthew 23:7-10). Last but not at all least, call no one a fool, for you will be in danger of Hell Fire; (Matthew 5:22), and always, always address God and/or Jesus Christ in this manner: Our Father ......[For reference to this see page 3].



First night of the feast of the Passover meal (evening Nisan 14); (Exodus 12:8-11) and (Luke 22:15-20) eat roasted lamb (save none), eat bitter herbs, unleaven bread and drink fruit of the vine.  Note: Biblical days are from evening to evening.

First morning of the unleaven bread week (Nisan 14) have a Holy Convocation (study Bible and DO NOT go to work: Holy Holiday) (Exodus 12:16).   Seven days we shall eat unleaven bread (Exodus 12:15).   NO LEAVEN in house! (Yeast, Sodium Bicarbonate,  Baking Powder and Baking Soda).  

Seventh day (Nisan 21) (Exodus 12:16) and (Exodus 13:6), Holy Convocation and a Feast unto the Lord (another Holy Holiday, NO Work).
Passover = 7 nights and 7 days.  Nisan 14 at evening - Nisan 21 at evening (always: FOREVER) = (Exodus 12:17)  and (Luke 22: 15-20).
P.S. Only other alternative dates (the following month): Iyar 14 at evening - Iyar 21 at evening (Nu. 9:6-13).  Evening to evening.