Did you know that the greatest and most wonderful thing that ever happened was the day Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, and the greatest and most wonderful thing we could ever do is take up the cross daily for Him? With the cross comes power, for if you do for God, He will do for you even more than you can think of. So God asks kindly of you to do and remember, and He made remembering easy. All you have to remember is the three C's: (1) the Cross, (2) His Commandments (New Testament) and (3) the Communion (Passover).
I thank God for the simplicity of life to those who believe, but not only in words do I thank Him, but also in deeds, through tithes and offerings; 11% plus of my income toward God's work (back to God) and He in return bless me a hundred times that, believe it, it's true. If you believe in God, know that He is God!
Jesus Christ even God himself said we should tithe and keep all His commandments, not neglecting one or the other, (Matthew 23:23). So if you want to prosper spiritually and financially, do it, but most importantly do it for your thankfulness in all that He gives and teaches you. (Tithing: Old Testament; Proverbs 3:9, Malachi 3:8 -- New Testament; Mark 12:17, Matthew 23:23, Hebrew 7:2).
Also, the Lord said that once a year do give a dinner and hold a communion (a sharing of something with others) where unleavened bread and drinks of the fruit of the vine can be partaken as a commemoration of the death of Christ, for Jesus said to do this in memory of Him (Luke 22:17-20). Now, since Jesus, not with blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood, He entered once and for all into the Holy place, obtaining eternal redemption, there is no need to sacrifice year after year with the blood of animals. Again, Jesus did this once and for all with His own blood, but do hold the communion yearly because it is an everlasting order from God and a command from His Son Jesus Christ also, first to remember the Passover and second to remember Jesus Christ. (St. Luke 22:19)

Exodus Chapter 12 where the Lord's Passover is spoken of; "and ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance (order) to thee and to thy sons forever, "also St. Luke 22:15. Reference on page 12 in this book.


Page 5    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford

Thanks be to Jesus Christ our Lord for making us
one in one, and like that, has already returned.
       By God - With God
Jesus Christ Loves You
And So Do I