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Are “After Death Experiences" and "Out of the Body Experiences" real? Of course they're real! It's been said that "the proof is in the pudding," just do your homework/research. What is actually the importance of it all is not the reality of it, but more so the reason for it all. Think, everyone who has experienced one of these Purgatories, whether it was a peaceful or hellish experience, returned to their natural bodies. Wait a minute! Neither our Father (Elohim), His Son, nor The Holy Spirit make mistakes! So lets start here: "The wages of sin is death." This is a fact, our Lord being the author of it. This is a physical (literally) death not a spiritual one; it's the spiritual death that caused it. Our Lord taught us that Hell is very much a real place when He told us the story of the rich man and the beggar. And He also taught us that there is another place just across from Hell called Paradise.

Many confuse Paradise with Heaven, but just like Earth and Hell, Paradise is just another place serving our Father's purposes. He once held those whom somehow won His favor there, hence: I'll name five: Abraham and the beggar, Moses and Elisha, and one of the malefactors that hung on a cross next to our Lord when He was crucified; and these five are just a few from a fold of many others. Remember though, that "The Children of the Kingdom have been cast down to Hell." Why? First lets recall how our Lord said that "ALL that EVER came before me were thieves and robbers." Secondly lets go back to the facts: "the wages of sin is death." All them that were in Paradise had once died, Paradise wasn't their final destination, just a place of comforting as our Father's choice for them. See His Son was not yet on the scene so neither was Judgment. So instead of being sentenced straight to Hell they were allowed to dwell in Paradise.
How wonderful is our Father's love; He can't lie, but He can postpone, but the inevitable is just that! Again, "The wages of sin is death." Remember in the story how the rich man's request to Abraham was that the beggar be sent back to earth to warn his brothers, of which he had five, that Hell is real. Abraham's answer to the rich man's request was those on earth already have Moses and the prophets to warn them about Hell. Now since Heaven is not an actual place and Hell is, along with Paradise, it's fair to say that all that die go to one place or the other, and we call both of them Purgatory (A state of mind or place where the soul goes immediately after death). It's been taught that Purgatory is a place where one can atone for sins before moving on to Heaven. Not true, our Lord already did that for us and your acceptance of that happens on earth, no where else. The side of Purgatory that we call Paradise, that peaceful place that's being experienced by so many, is now being occupied by a different group of Angels/messengers; remember the first group: "But The Children of the Kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Again these children would be Abraham, Moses, etc. which also includes Angels and the multitude that appeared to the shepherds abiding in the field keeping watch over their flock by night, to inform them that then a Savior would be born which was our Lord. That being said, lets go to them being born after our Lord, them that because of our father's foreknowledge have opportunity to accept the Truth. The Truth being: For our father so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Them be us :-). Make no mistake here, if one dies, it's not because that was our Father's choice for them. I'll quote Him: "For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dies, wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye." But there they are in that side of purgatory formerly known as Paradise. Why? If the wages of sin is death and death is the gateway to Hell, what be the hold up. Think back to the request of the rich man to Abraham, that the beggar be sent back to warn his brothers. Abraham couldn't grant that request, but there is one who promised to grant our request being it a worthy one, when He said "If you shall ask, I will do it." and that my friend be our Lord! Surely in the hearts of most all them that have past over is that same request.
Now since Paradise did exist, but the first occupants have been cast down, there's no mention of Paradise itself being destroyed. And now since all power has been given to the one who said "Ask and you shall receive..." wouldn't it be just like Him to grant us that request. Now there are a percentage of them that came back straight from that other side of Purgatory being Hell shortly after death, but not most. Most come from Paradise with a message to share their experience. If you die it simply means that you didn't completely believe or follow our Lord while on earth, and you carry that belief with you, and when you die you are still that same person. If you arrive in Paradise instead of Hell to meet Angels/Messengers (them along with you with that same belief), or family and friends if you're lucky as in favorable, and to be told that you are to return to share that experience, it is because of the request of all them who will or have experienced Hell already and mainly us believers on their behalf. And just like Angels/Messengers who came down to earth before the birth of our Lord and the ones who appear during His ministry, these, and I'm just going to call them "people" because the term Angels/Messengers is just to show that they had an assignment from our Father. These people, (and it seems fair to say they also believe that Heaven was a place; my thought on this is how can our Father show a place that doesn't exist [“The Kingdom of God does not come by observation, but is within.”], but only by telling you that it doesn't and then showing you miracles to prove His Word can be trusted; the rest is up to that individual), anyway "these people," taken out of Hell or interrupted before going to Hell were all given an assignment to guide them that have passed over back with the knowledge that life does exist after death. And just like "The Children of the Kingdom..." all who die will eventually be rightfully sentenced: it's inevitable because the wages of sin IS death and death IS the gateway to Hell. "I put Life and death before you, hoping you choose Life."
Now for them that witness seeing our Lord while in Paradise, remember this, that our Lord said, "I go to my Father, and you see me no more." Our Father is not a soul abiding somewhere, but rather the Truth as our Lord also said about Himself. Know this, Purgatory is not only a place, but it also can be a state of mind, which in turn can simply be a dream the soul that has passed over is having. So whether it be a place or a dream, the message you are to receive is only that there is a place after death and that it is not our Father's will that you die/go there. For them who are granted to witness their own bodies dead and are brought back have that same message even though their experiences may be different. Ghosts from my experience are just people who are never brought back, in this here flesh that is, but rather are given the opportunity to somehow with whatever power is given them to even a score by shining the light on a matter that went unresolved that was dear to their heart, or some similar reason as easing the pain of someone left behind; all in all, once this is accomplished their fate is still the same as anyone that has passed. Most do not accept the Truth, but the Truth still holds; “The wages of sin is death,” and death is the gateway to Hell.

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