Page 15    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford

Seen any lately? Not the cute little child, or the kind hearted person, nor the pretty face, but those real Angels, you know the ones that appeared in years BC and early AD. Like Gabriel that spoke to Mary and Elizabeth or the one that wrestled with Jacob, or the one that ministered to Jesus in the garden, and there's the two dressed in white at the burial site and also the two sent to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. There are many others, I just want to make it clear that the ones I'm talking about didn't reside here on earth when they appeared. So! Seen any lately?
Lets make one more thing clear also; neither am I talking about visiting UFOs; that's totally another subject. To make it even more clear, I'm talking about Angels that were in the image and likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ and you.

Before conversing with the Holy Spirit I had thoughts like: Where did they actually live? Are they watching us now? Do they have parents? Do they die? What are they doing now?
What the Holy Spirit has revealed to me may be a shocker and/or a revelation to many because of the quick brainwashing of Satan. Most think Angels are in Heaven; there is a place where they once resided, and that place is called Paradise. I said "once resided" because that's not where they are today; and we'll get back to that in a few.

Let's take a look at places and their purposes that God created. And, let's also take a look at an area that was thought of, but was not really, a physical place. There's Earth here where we dwell. There's Hell for all sinners. There's Paradise, where our Lord took one of the two thieves that were crucified with Him. There's the place where the Beggar went after he died, that begged at Lazarus' door. There's the place where Moses and Elijah (Elias) descended from when on the mount with Jesus, Peter, James, and John. Last, but not at all least, there's Heaven where God himself abodes (This is not a place, but rather the Truth). Now you have to remember what Jesus said, and that it is very important! And that is: "No one has ascended to Heaven, except Him who has descended from Heaven, and who is in Heaven (for Him and the Father are one)."

Paradise was where one went that won God's favor, for whatever reason, instead of straight to Hell after they died. So then, we have Earth, Hell, Paradise, and Heaven. Angels were simply humans who once lived on earth and after death ended up in Paradise, for the Judgment was not yet. These humans while in Paradise got assignments from God to occasionally be done on earth. All Angels that appeared on earth, even Moses and Elias, had assignments; Moses and Elias' assignment was just to hear Jesus out. Jesus called them in Paradise sheep of another fold.

Again I'll ask, "Seen any lately?" The reason may be simply because our Father commanded us, as well as Moses and Elias, to listen to Jesus Christ; and Jesus Christ said all help will come from Him. "I will never forsake you."

Now understand this: "The children of the kingdom have been cast down to Hell." Are you wondering who they were? They were Prophets, Saints and everyone that somehow won God's favor and was taken to Paradise. See the Judgment hadn't took place yet until Jesus finished His work and then by Him all men were judged. Remember Jesus saying: "*All* those that ever came before me were thieves and robbers." You have to know that if any of them were worthy there would not be any need for our Lord to come. We would have just gotten our learning from them and God would have confirmed him or her; but that was not the case. All those who sat in Moses' seat (followers after him instead of Jesus) and the like, were cast down to Hell.

Angels were just messengers of God (This doesn't mean they were worthy to receive everlasting life); that's why Jesus said those that are worthy will be like Angels never to die again (Born again, accepting Christ). Not that the angels themselves didn't die, or for better words, cast down eventually, but because we wouldn't die/"perish," but similar to them, be messengers of Jesus Christ as they were of our Father, hence: like ANGELS.

When I mentioned Angels I was not meaning Cherubim (Second ranking angelic creatures created by God as the ones that protected "The tree of life"), nor Seraphims (Highest ranking angels as the ones mentioned in Isaiah's vision) or Archangels (chief angels). And there's Lucifer and the Fallen Angels, which are just evil spirits opposing God. It is said that they once abode with God and were cast out of Heaven; not true, evil was *created for the day of evil [Evil has its purposes]. Evil does not occupy the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Plus, the actual Kingdom of God (Heaven) does not come by observation, but is within. "...fall from heaven." is just a removal of power.

Messengers/Prophets that came after Jesus Christ, such as The Epistle of Paul and John's Revelations, are ones I do not confide in, because Jesus said He would bring back to my memory that (The Holy Spirit) which He already taught me, and that it would guide me into all Truth. Then he later said "It is finish." Him being God, and because of my obedience to him, I was also finished. You have to remember the Devil comes in sheep's clothing and can be very dramatic. Just hear the word of God (J.C.), keep it, and you'll be alright. If at some point I'm quoting something or someone outside of this train of thought, it's only because it is fully or partial of a particular truth; Hey, everybody has some good in them or else they wouldn't be alive. :-)
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