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*Jumping Right In:

I know exactly what you mean, but for the most part; well let me put it this way. When is the last time you seen a “man of God” show up at a Children’s Hospital and use his miracle working hands or power on these precious little ones? Or any hospital, and since it’s the power of God why not heal everyone in the whole hospital? And I’m not saying our Lord can’t perform this or that He won’t allow men to, but again for the most part is that in His best interest or is saving you from death and on top of that going to hell? Tell me what’s the point in the healing besides it being a sign or for comfort if the person is still going to hell for disobedience. Ever met someone who just wouldn’t listen after being corrected that went right back to the problem that caused the curse of disobedience. Obedience itself by itself will heal. I’ve explained it and I’ll say it again; signs is so that God can manifest His power to help spread the gospel; it’s a sign and not necessarily the results of obedience. Even “men of God” in hell said, “but we cast out devils in your name” and our Lord reacted to them with these words: “I never new you, workers of inequity.” And WAIT! like I said, I understand you completely. But are you counting the millions of followers who never get heal or just the individual cases?Are you counting all the crippled and unfortunate people who need a blessing / healing today or just individual cases? One more important thing did you not notice that I was only quoting our Lord. You have your answers, but the rest of the world needs theirs also. I believe and trust God       percent and teach what I am instructed by Him to teach. Please read all that I said carefully, and I’m sincere here, not trying to be no kind of evil way. That’s not me. Also, to pray to our Father in Jesus name means to represent Him, not actually say “ in Jesus name” and this is how you do that: “Our Father who art in Heaven, hollow be thy name” etc. I’m sure you know the prayer if not forgive me for the brevity ; you can read it here: http://talkingitover.org/page-3-prayer-baptism.html

*OBEDIENCE IS THE KEY and prayer is where it starts by talking to God YOURSELF and addressing Him with these words: “Our Father....”

“At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say NOT unto you, that I will pray the Father for you: 
     *For the Father himself loveth you,* because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.”

Signs are just directions towards corrections, but what’s the point of signs/ miracles if one continues or goes back to disobedience whereas the wages from it is death. The SIGN that this whole world is showing is that folks just don’t listen; “you don’t hear me though!” SAVE YOURSELF!!!  ( He’s listening. )

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