Page 15    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Although I will be semi-paraphrasing scriptures, I will not give Bible location because that would mean me searching scriptures, and that's what I'm going to avoid this time. I want to speak right from my heart, and as Jesus Christ said: His sheep know His voice. Those Christians of whom this was designed for know Truth from deceptions and will draw strength accordingly.  Okay, I'll add more bible verses. :-)

Our Father (God) put before us life and death, hoping we choose life. Jesus Christ brought us abundant life, even life everlasting. He died so we would not have to; He paid for our sins. Shall not perish: Flesh is perishable, Spirit is not. When Jesus said we shall not perish He meant that literally. The Kingdom of God is within us. No one, since the resurrection of Jesus Christ has gone to a place called Heaven, as in he/she has literally died and went to Heaven. The wages of sin is death *and death is the gateway to hell. (Romans 6:23, ST. John 3:13). 
The soul is also perishable; not to say that it will but only acknowledging God's power. Man is not a spirit "For a spirit hath not flesh and bones", as you have. Unlike before Jesus paid for our sins, whereas if you died, your soul entered Hell or paradise. Paradise was a place of comforting until the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the saints; the saints unto everlasting life, had they remained worthy, and Jesus unto the Father whom is Spirit of which we have received. During this resurrection, those who were in Hell also resurrected, but unto damnation. Think, if you were in Hell and was brought back to the grave to be resurrected only to acknowledge The Truth (Jesus Christ) and eventually be cast right back to Hell for eternity, you would say "damn" too! among other things.  (ST. John 3:6, 5:28-29; ST. Matthew 7:22-23, 27:52-53)

Life and death, good and evil will always be before us. It's simply a mirror of identity and reality. We see ourselves as we wish and that determines our destiny. Death shows you who a person really was regardless of their age, young or old, where as you might have been

deceived by their character, but God knows the heart. Again, the wages of sin is death. You and I will live forever, yes in this flesh, in this world or existence, eternally; Shell not perish, but have everlasting life. Had they remained worthy,  those who died and believed in Him/God/Jesus Christ before His resurrection that rose during the time around His resurrection, and those who were living among Him and believed would have never died. Those who are living now that believe shall never die, for they shall indeed be blessed by God and inherit the earth.

In closing - hold on to your seats: Revelation, the last book in the Bible, was fabricated by Satan, and you will see some signs of its development only because evil does exist, and is in operation. Jesus Christ said He would send the Holy Spirit back to us, and also that the Holy Spirit would show us things to come by bringing back to our memory what He had already told us, nothing more. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter. Revelation is Satan in sheep's clothing. *"The Great White Throne judgment!".  Don't make me laugh! Jesus Christ finished His work when he ascended back to the Father, that  was the day of judgment and this is the new world! Before Jesus ascended to the Father He said: "Now is the judgment of this world; Now shall the Prince of this world be cast out." Example: 1 Kings 13:1-26, ST. Luke 11:28.  (St. John 12:31)
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