Page 15    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford


You need to believe in Jesus Christ and know that he is the Son of God. Jesus Christ was sent to earth to save us all by dying on the cross for all of our sins.

Now you have to learn everything you need to know to have everlasting life. All you have to remember is the cross, his commandments, and the Passover. You should take up your cross daily [Matthew 16:24]. This will help you remember St. John 3: 16 so that you will have it in your heart. The commandments at Mark 12:30-31 will explain in detail how you should live your life gracefully. The final thing you should do is the Passover once a year. The Passover [Exodus 12:29] is an ordinance [Exodus 13:10] and a remembrance of the time when the Lord smote all the first born in the land of Egypt. On the last night you will be observing the feast onto the Lord.

The last thing you will have to do is basically teach everything that you learned. You must spread the word so you will not be a stumbling block for others. You need to teach people what they should do to have everlasting life.

* Jesus Christ even God himself said we should tithe and keep all of his commandments. You do this for your thankfulness and all that God gives and teaches you. “Will a man rob God?”

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