Page 15    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford

Soon; the most popular answer by them that seem to be in the know to that famous question “When will Jesus Christ return?” Despite the fact our Lord saying
“I go to my Father and you see me no more.” folks are still waiting for that figure of a man, though the Son of God, to make His presence down here on earth again. Despite another fact that He informed us that He would pray the Father to send the Holy Spirit back to us to abode with us forever. Anticipating and sharing the thoughts of seeing Him after He already explain that you would not see Him no more is not fruitful. He ask us the bear much fruit, in other words teach righteousness (“Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more;”.) Teaching His physical return is in opposition to His teaching and is not right.
“Father I will that they be where I am also, so that they can behold my glory.” This is spiritual and not physical for God is Spirit. Jesus wants us to experience being one with Him as He is one with the Father; so that you can see yourself as God sees Him; as sons and daughters. He wants to share His glory with you. “Bless is he that comes in the name of the Lord,” Not just Him, but you filled with the Holy Spirit . He said “I in you and you in me that we may become one.”
Now not to seem contradicting but there is a way you can actually see Him and that’s by observing someone filled with the Holy spirit or you yourself being like unto Him. See the actual flesh profits nothing, it’s the Holy Spirit that makes alive.
Even them that claim they're going to see Him once they pass have a bitter surprise awaiting them; maybe not instantly or for awhile for God may temporarily give them over to their imaginations as He did on earth. Why do so many people get “The wages of sin is death” twisted making it seem like death can be a gateway to Heaven; and on that He teaches that “The Kingdom ( Heaven ) of God is within and comes not by observation,” but Hell does. He teaches us it’s better to enter life maimed than to die and go to hell.
I said it once and I’ll say it again, Our Father said “I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth.” Not dieth before his/her time; that’s the devil using your weakness caused by your lack of faith to twist it again, be smarter. As soon as folks realize that the Kingdom of God is at hand
and not about to come soon, but is here right now, the sooner they will start really listening and be about our Father business and bear much fruit; for this is how you honor the Father: “that you bear much fruit.” SOON? NO NOT SOON, NOW! and I’ll quote our God: “I IN YOU AND YOU IN ME.”
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