Page 15    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford

Do you need protection or are you planning to harm someone? Well, this might sound crazy, but never return evil for evil and you will get plenty protection. The only evil anyone is trying to fight off or impose is the evil seed they planted themselves. Accept it, chalk it up as experience and sin no more. Our Father (God) said "Vengeance is mine. "Oppose Him and seek your own vengeance in any manner and you are going to get even more trouble in one form or another. This I'll guarantee you from experience! You will never "have one more score to settle" because that's only another seed being planted; got it? Remember; the Lord said "Vengeance is mine. I will repay." (Romans 12:19)
By all means, stand up for your rights, but never return evil for evil. Don't worry, God's watching! Read Hebrews 4:12-16.
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