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"Thank you for your booklet 'TALKING IT OVER' I agree with about 90% of it and the other 10% I don't agree with is not important, Thank you" C.R.H. Tallavast, FL.


"Thank you very much for the book, I really enjoyed and honestly believe and agree with you 100%". J. L. B. Shirley, N. Y.


"I am sharing your booklet and our comments with a friend, yes, yes, yes, beautiful and well put! I never thought of that before! How wonderful. And you are quite correct! I agree with...Bravo!!! Yes, Yes" B. & D. W., Leechburg, PA.


"Thank you for the book it's great" L.C.  Manor, TX.


"I am writing this letter to let you know how much I enjoy reading the above book. I have read it at least 5 times. I am very interested in receiving additional material of this magnitude" W. L .JR. Los Angeles, CA.


"Your book is to the point and sincere. You are like me ...; you want to give something of yourself to help others" B. A. Holdrege, NE.


"Dear Glenn,
Greetings from Togo. I am writing to inform you that I really enjoyed reading your life transforming book. Your book is educative, informative, inspiring and above all revelational. May my good God continue to inspire. Of truth, you are a blessing to so many people who have come in contact with this powerful book."
Pastor Daniel S. Tochi: TSEVIE, TOGO/AFRICA.


"P.S. Your   website is GREAT!!" Mr. R. H. Melrose Park, IL

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